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  15 Minute Cardio Workout

15 Minute Cardio Workout

Last Updated: Nov. 24, 2013

In This Article: 5 MIN : Fast Feet Reps 4 MIN : Jack in the Box 3 MIN : Power Skip 2 MIN : High Knees 1 MIN : Foot Fires

 5 MIN : Fast Feet Reps

Cardio Excercise for 5 MIN : Fast Feet Reps

Stand with feet wide, knees bent. Run in place as quickly as possible, moving arms in whatever way feels natural. Do this for 5 minutes.


 4 MIN : Jack in the Box

Cardio Excercise for 4 MIN : Jack in the Box

Visualize a box on the floor in front of you, divided into four quadrants. Start doing jumping jacks, landing inside a different quadrant each time and jump forward once, then to the right, back, and finally to the left. Repeat as many times as possible for 30 seconds, and then reverse to the left.


 3 MIN : Power Skip

Cardio Excercise for 3 MIN : Power Skip

Raise the right knee up towards the hip while reaching your left arm overhead. Land on the ball of your left foot, and then alternate the skipping motion with the opposite arm and leg. Shoot for 10-15 skips as high as you can go.


 2 MIN : High Knees

Cardio Excercise for 2 MIN : High Knees

Stand tall with your feet hip-distance apart. Raise up your right knee as high as it'll go, and then place the leg back down. Alternate legs and start picking up the pace. Try this jig for 30 seconds straight.


 1 MIN : Foot Fires

Cardio Excercise for 1 MIN : Foot Fires

In a quick, shuffle motion, lift the heels off the ground (only about an inch tops) while keeping the upper body relaxed. You can shuffle in place or move back and forth, its your call!